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About Us

The Lake Superior Sustainable Farming Association is a coalition of producers and consumers moving farm practices and food systems into a sustainable future. We encompass northeast Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin. 

We are a chapter of the Sustainable Farming Association of MN. or 1.844.922.5573 Ext. 709


All SFA membership donations are fully tax-deductible.

Some background info...

The western Lake Superior bioregion is typically understood as including 8 counties in northeast Minnesota and 8 counties in northwest Wisconsin with the Twin Ports of Duluth, MN and Superior, WI acting as the economic hubs.  This large geographic region shares many cultural, political, economic, climate and geological realities.  Many people past and present consider this a loosely affiliated foodshed.  We post here key writings on this foodshed for your viewing. 

  1. Defining the Agricultural Landscape of the Western Lake Superior Region: Realities and potentials for a healthy local food system for healthy people, by Stacey Stark, David Abazs, and David Syring (2011)

  2. Food from Scratch for the Zenith of the Unsalted Seas: Creating a local food system in early 20th century Duluth, MN, by Randel Hanson (2016)

  3. 85 Years of Farming in the Northern Coniferous Forest Areas of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan, by Mark J. Thompson  (1959

  4. Local Food as an Economic Driver: A study of the potential impact of local foods in the Taconite Assistance Area, by David Abazs and Ryan Pesch (2019).

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